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Mehran Shafiei

CIO Consultant

Here is my comment on Can AI replace Mentors?

'A machine learning based mentor opens up a wide range of possibilities and alternatives that allow mentees to access vivid images of their future path. It is because a machine can dig into its massive database of various scenarios and ways being already taken by similar mentees, thereby coming up with the most effective suggestions according to mentees' situations and preferences'

Here is my comment on How much smart can your phone get, buddy?

'I do agree time is precious, though that how much accurate the responses will be is being asked in this post. For me, there are many obstacles in the way of Smart Reply and that's why Google Smart Reply hasn't improved dramatically since it was released last year. In addition, people are basically quite cautious about using such features as they may end up making irrelevant and silly responses'

Here is my comment on What are you gonna do with this huge amount of information?

'Wonder if there is any other website around the world storing this much data. Although Facebook's databases are distributed across the world, the rate and speed of synchronisation is high and gathering data from those databases and putting them together could be considered a relatively massive job to do'

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