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Adrian Rodriguez

QA Manager @ Nasoft USA

Here is my comment on Which streaming website suits you best?

'Myself, like Jonathan and Dante said, have only used Netflix, so I'm inclined to think it will become the top option for streaming in the coming years, if not already at this point. Can it eventually become a monopoly? I think so actually.'

Here is my comment on What exactly is so great about Snapchat?

'I don't think we're the target demographic for Snapchat, mainly due to the ephemeral nature of its posts, and maybe by 2020 it will be superseded by another simple idea. I truly believe that the appeal of Snapchat is that there's no evidence of you have done, and thus, nothing to remind you later about them.'

Here is my comment on What do you think of the VR challenges in the next 5 years?

'Well, I haven't used VR ever, not even once, but last week I saw people offering the VR goggles in the street, so I can imagine that if VR becomes a hit, they'll be everywhere in the next 5 years!'

Here is my comment on Amazon is to spend $US4.5 billion on video in 2017

'I really have a problem with this, I want a single source of streaming and I believe Netflix is the best suited, so if Amazon has content I want to see, that means I have to pay for that as well, and that's where my selfish side comes into play for this argument. For once, I want a monopoly in service.'

Here is my comment on How much smart can your phone get, buddy?

'I don't know about this one... I don't need to respond to every single e-mail I receive, not even from work, and what would be the difference between this and an Out of the Office notification? I always seek to personalize every reply, and this is an unnecessary complication from my point of view.'

Here is my comment on What are you gonna do with this huge amount of information?

'Data is the new oil, so bring it on! Analytics and Big Data strategies are a MUST for every IT company, even if they don't posses and store huge amounts of data, they could benefit from knowing those insights from their customers and the sites where they do store their information, like Facebook, Google & Apple.'

Here is my comment on The future of healthcare robots

'I'm very fond of this idea, I have heard of IBM Watson doing Cancer research with a good rate of success, so if these Healthcare robots can benefit from a powerful AI and provide better insight, I'm all for it. TBH I'd prefer a robot than human interaction in a Hospital, they'd tell me the truth, they won't judge my bad habits and will most likely give me the best diagnosis.'

Here is my comment on Nike's LED running track is a runner's dream!

'I'm not quite sure about this one. When I was a runner I always had the idea that "I was competing only against myself" but I guess this is removing the metaphor and literally making you compete against yourself, which in principle sounds like the same, but I guess the spirit is gone, because now you are running versus your "shadow". Not a fan.'

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