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Austin John

Emerging Tech Innovation

Here is my comment on Is Smart Technology Making us Dumb?

'Smart tech does create a lot of distraction but this can be overcome by implementing tech in our life with a 'disciplined design'. As for human cognition, it is always looking for the next best thing to be occupied with, so I doubt it is making anyone dumber; also dumb is just a relative term. High-tech consumption needs to be controlled with discipline.'

Here is my comment on Can AI replace Mentors?

'The Human Touch is very important in mentor programs. However machines have the advantage of being able to process more data; hence for ex, will be able to forecast more possible career path options and advice relevant existing eligible courses. Ideally, the AI could provide relevant advice and at the same time match a mentor to more mentees to reduce the mentors. So 'No' AI would not replace mentors but could help them mentor more mentees with the same amount of effort.'

Here is my comment on Are we all fooled into believing fake news?

'Yes infact I think fake news censorship will become an integral part of the current judiciary system. Just like the acceptance for the need for cyber security, it will first be implemented by 'first world' countries followed by the others.'

Here is my comment on Are we all fooled into believing fake news?

'We need reliable and trustable news sources. I recently read a post of how a teenager edited himself into a bands wiki page to get VIP seats. On the other hand regularizing these sources would mean loss of freedom of speech and dictator like control in the hands of a few. Media is power, and a big responsibility.'

Here is my comment on What exactly is so great about Snapchat?

'This was what I asked myself when I tried it out for a week. Deleted it soon after. I think its a more intimate way sharing experiences through video'

Here is my comment on What do you think of the VR challenges in the next 5 years?

'Nausea issues and audio design would probably be smaller issues. Biggest would be creating relevant applications and adoption for VR. What would I like to do over a couple of hours disconnected from my environment hmm. Go on a vacation when I'm sick maybe.'

Here is my comment on How much smart can your phone get, buddy?

'The first thought in my mind when i read this was 'disaster awaits my inbox' i would at no point want Google to analyse and reply to my emails. let it go everything else like auto order groceries etc'

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