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Jonathan Villegas

IT Project Consultant

Here is my comment on Is Smart Technology Making us Dumb?

'It really depends on how you see it. I personally am someone who uses technology constantly, every single day. Sometimes I feel even feel bad of my level of dependency to the smartphone. However, I'm happy with the flexibility and ability that I have to access knowledge from all over the world. Anywhere. Anytime. This is reason enough to continue relying on technology, and further develop skills on how to actually exploit and put in practice the theory/knowledge accessed via smart devices.'

Here is my comment on Can AI replace Mentors?

'Probably yes, although I don't think it would be the best idea. Mentors not only provide "rational" and know-how lessons, but emotional support as well. It is important for mentees to understand and feel that someone is there to guide and join them in their professional career, and that 'human touch' is irreplaceable.'

Here is my comment on Which streaming website suits you best?

'I've been a Netflix user for a long time now. I'm pretty happy with the service and loading speed, however they can certainly make an extra effort including more content. Similarly, I just began using Amazon Prime video. So far so good, with a clean and well thought inclusion of extra information (i.e. IMDB, Google news) related to the film you're watching.'

Here is my comment on Are we all fooled into believing fake news?

'I remember the discussion we had re Mark Zuckerberg and his ban of false news sites in Facebook. I think it's a great move, although an even bigger challenge. Ultimately, I trust this will indeed help attack the increasing 'ignorance' problem in social media. Facebook is the first player, hopefully other social media platforms follow.'

Here is my comment on What exactly is so great about Snapchat?

'Not sure if intimate is the word I would use though. I've tried it before and couldn't really see the value of it, but I'm not their target market. Its usage requires users to be with their phones absolutely all the time in order to "capture the moment" and share instantly. I get that, what I don't like is the dependency it creates for users and their phones, although I recognise this is something that will happen nevertheless.'

Here is my comment on Amazon is to spend $US4.5 billion on video in 2017

'I doubt Amazon becomes #1 streaming provider anytime soon. However, being a user myself of both services, I can tell Amazon is doing a terrific job in getting there. Besides, new 'players' in this market is good for innovation, so we will all benefit from this.'

Here is my comment on How much smart can your phone get, buddy?

'I don't see technology replacing humans in situations where it has to decide whether reply or not regulating tone, content and vocabulary any time soon.'

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