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About HSP

HSP Holdings Incorporation is an investment company consisting of several Holding Groups, aimed at investing either in its own start-ups or in other innovative projects introduced by people from across the world, which are backed up with brilliant and promising ideas.

HSP’s funds could be allocated to literally every business domain or market in any region across the world, as long as those entrepreneurial projects prove that they will create value and positive change for our stakeholders.

Utilizing its Information Technology and Information Systems capability, HPS has been running different online and physical Projects in the past 10 years.

HSP’s power comes from the talents who share with us their expertise and experience and provide us with their valuable consultation. Visit our full squad by clicking here.

Having had our organization officially registered in the US and Europe, we drew a long-term roadmap until 2030, which enables us to think about managing our projects and negotiating with potential partners with peace of mind.
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