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What are you gonna do with this huge amount of information?

Over the course of 1 minute, these happen on Facebook: 510,000 comments get posted, 136,000 photos get uploaded and 293,000 statuses get updated. What is a Data Scientist's stance on this huge amount of information going back and forth?

Big Data
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"From a database transaction perspective I disagree about classifying it as massive. Mining it however for useful insights is where the true challenge lies."
David Eccles
University of Melbourne
"Wonder if there is any other website around the world storing this much data. Although Facebook's databases are distributed across the world, the rate and speed of synchronisation is high and gathering data from those databases and putting them together could be considered a relatively massive job to do"
Mehran Shafiei
CIO Consultant
"Data is the new oil, so bring it on! Analytics and Big Data strategies are a MUST for every IT company, even if they don't posses and store huge amounts of data, they could benefit from knowing those insights from their customers and the sites where they do store their information, like Facebook, Google & Apple."
Adrian Rodriguez
QA Manager @ Nasoft USA