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How much smart can your phone get, buddy?

It seems to be a great idea having a computer respond to your emails, especially while you are enjoying your vacation or being too busy with work. Smart Reply by Gmail is a way to guess which emails can be answered on your behalf and the responses you choose will help improve it in the future. But, how much smart can your phone get in providing a response to your contacts?

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"The first thought in my mind when i read this was 'disaster awaits my inbox'
i would at no point want Google to analyse and reply to my emails. let it go everything else like auto order groceries etc"
Austin John
Emerging Tech Innovation
"I don't see technology replacing humans in situations where it has to decide whether reply or not regulating tone, content and vocabulary any time soon."
Jonathan Villegas
IT Project Consultant
"I don't know about this one... I don't need to respond to every single e-mail I receive, not even from work, and what would be the difference between this and an Out of the Office notification? I always seek to personalize every reply, and this is an unnecessary complication from my point of view."
Adrian Rodriguez
QA Manager @ Nasoft USA
"I do agree time is precious, though that how much accurate the responses will be is being asked in this post. For me, there are many obstacles in the way of Smart Reply and that's why Google Smart Reply hasn't improved dramatically since it was released last year. In addition, people are basically quite cautious about using such features as they may end up making irrelevant and silly responses"
Mehran Shafiei
CIO Consultant
"The most prestigious thing in life is Time and why not using any solution or technique to save it more and get rid of pressure?"
Emaddein Nematollah Farahzadi
NetApp Solutions Architecture