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What do you think of the VR challenges in the next 5 years?

A good virtual reality experience needs massive jumps in both hardware and software aspects. Heaps of next-level applications as well as interaction models are required to drive VR technology from this point. What do you think of the VR challenges in the next 5 years?

Virtual Reality
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"Nausea issues and audio design would probably be smaller issues.
Biggest would be creating relevant applications and adoption for VR. What would I like to do over a couple of hours disconnected from my environment hmm.
Go on a vacation when I'm sick maybe."
Austin John
Emerging Tech Innovation
"Engaging content and immersion are going to be the hardest things to achieve with VR.

I think that the novelty will wear off pretty quickly. Much like a lot of console/PC games there'll be some good stuff, really engaging. Most of it will be pretty average and uninspiring. When you get your first head set you'll ride a roller coaster; sit on a tropical beach, whilst sitting on your semi-comfortable lounge trying to ignore the traffic noise coming through your windows, then you'll drown out the world with some semi decent head phones. You'll get sick of looking at the same things.

I really want immersion in my environment. You'll have to come up with a pretty compelling story to keep me interested. It's happened before, not with VR, but in other formats. Surely they can do it with VR too.

Can someone come up with some necessary apps for the every-day man? There's only so many times I can practice removing an Appendix. with my PS4 light wand."
Tristan Chipchase
Infrastructure Technician
"The main problem is the time it takes to develop a virtual space. Better reality experience and ergonomics means more time. Will it revolutionise the digital world, and help businesses grow is still uncertain. Most VR developers have to rely on and adapt technology originally meant for another discipline, and they have to hope that the company producing the technology stays in business."
Naresh Menon
Business Management Expert
"Well, I haven't used VR ever, not even once, but last week I saw people offering the VR goggles in the street, so I can imagine that if VR becomes a hit, they'll be everywhere in the next 5 years!"
Adrian Rodriguez
QA Manager @ Nasoft USA