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What exactly is so great about Snapchat?

Last year, Snapchat, an app with disappearing messages, was ranked the third most popular social app among millennials, having a staggering 100 million users around the world. It is also predicted that more than 80 million Americans will be using it by 2020. But, what exactly is so great about Snapchat?

Evan Spiegel
CEO @ Snapchat
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"Not sure if intimate is the word I would use though. I've tried it before and couldn't really see the value of it, but I'm not their target market. Its usage requires users to be with their phones absolutely all the time in order to "capture the moment" and share instantly. I get that, what I don't like is the dependency it creates for users and their phones, although I recognise this is something that will happen nevertheless."
Jonathan Villegas
IT Project Consultant
"I still wonder how Snapchat became this popular, with a feature that is is not as remarkable and innovative as other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. The need for this application isnt justified when there are better and more robust applications with a wide variety of features. I have only seen others using Snapchat and never got intimidated to download it."
Naresh Menon
Business Management Expert
"I don't think we're the target demographic for Snapchat, mainly due to the ephemeral nature of its posts, and maybe by 2020 it will be superseded by another simple idea. I truly believe that the appeal of Snapchat is that there's no evidence of you have done, and thus, nothing to remind you later about them."
Adrian Rodriguez
QA Manager @ Nasoft USA
"This was what I asked myself when I tried it out for a week. Deleted it soon after.
I think its a more intimate way sharing experiences through video"
Austin John
Emerging Tech Innovation