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Are we all fooled into believing fake news?

There are tons of accounts that mislead the public out there aiming to skew public opinion. They constantly produce and recycle fake news until it becomes a trending topic.

Then, hundreds of millions of social media users will see it on their news feed. When it comes to elections, it can make the majority of voters think a certain way. Are we all being fooled into believing fake news?

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"Media since its inception has played a vital role in moulding people's opinions and perception. In order stay away from fake news and one must understand the credibility of the source of information. Even if there is a ban on the dessimation of fake news, It still will exist at micro levels. More consumer awareness is the need of the hour to tackle the problems of fake media."
Naresh Menon
Business Management Expert
"Yes infact I think fake news censorship will become an integral part of the current judiciary system. Just like the acceptance for the need for cyber security, it will first be implemented by 'first world' countries followed by the others."
Austin John
Emerging Tech Innovation
"I remember the discussion we had re Mark Zuckerberg and his ban of false news sites in Facebook. I think it's a great move, although an even bigger challenge. Ultimately, I trust this will indeed help attack the increasing 'ignorance' problem in social media. Facebook is the first player, hopefully other social media platforms follow."
Jonathan Villegas
IT Project Consultant
"We need reliable and trustable news sources. I recently read a post of how a teenager edited himself into a bands wiki page to get VIP seats.
On the other hand regularizing these sources would mean loss of freedom of speech and dictator like control in the hands of a few.
Media is power, and a big responsibility."
Austin John
Emerging Tech Innovation