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Which streaming website suits you best?

There are a huge number of companies out there that provide streaming services to customers. Which streaming website suits you best?

Jeff Bezos
CEO @ Amazon
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"I have used Netflix for some years. I'm really happy with their service, and their new productions are really good. They are short near from HBO productions."
Dante Solorio
iOS Consultant
"Myself, like Jonathan and Dante said, have only used Netflix, so I'm inclined to think it will become the top option for streaming in the coming years, if not already at this point. Can it eventually become a monopoly? I think so actually."
Adrian Rodriguez
QA Manager @ Nasoft USA
"I've been a Netflix user for a long time now. I'm pretty happy with the service and loading speed, however they can certainly make an extra effort including more content. Similarly, I just began using Amazon Prime video. So far so good, with a clean and well thought inclusion of extra information (i.e. IMDB, Google news) related to the film you're watching."
Jonathan Villegas
IT Project Consultant