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Can AI replace Mentors?

Could machines be as flexible, rational and spontaneous as mentors who are to listen to mentees and guide them through their career paths?

Artificial Intelligence
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"The Human Touch is very important in mentor programs. However machines have the advantage of being able to process more data; hence for ex, will be able to forecast more possible career path options and advice relevant existing eligible courses.
Ideally, the AI could provide relevant advice and at the same time match a mentor to more mentees to reduce the mentors. So 'No' AI would not replace mentors but could help them mentor more mentees with the same amount of effort."
Austin John
Emerging Tech Innovation
"The emotional quotient is very important in any kind of human communication. AI cannot replace mentors but can surely act as a catalyst in the communication process because of its data processing capabilities. It can be used as a tool to better the existing system but not as a replacement to mentors."
Naresh Menon
Business Management Expert
"Hmm, having been extensively involved in mentor protege programs earlier in my career, I learned more from the mentor / protege who was not a "match" than the people that were considered good matches. AI still depends on the person who wrote the code and the assumptions they make. Coding to generalisations of behaviour is just going to catch the middle not the exceptional. My verdict is get back to me in 10 years when we'll know for sure. :-) "
David Eccles
University of Melbourne
"A machine learning based mentor opens up a wide range of possibilities and alternatives that allow mentees to access vivid images of their future path. It is because a machine can dig into its massive database of various scenarios and ways being already taken by similar mentees, thereby coming up with the most effective suggestions according to mentees' situations and preferences"
Mehran Shafiei
CIO Consultant
"Probably yes, although I don't think it would be the best idea. Mentors not only provide "rational" and know-how lessons, but emotional support as well. It is important for mentees to understand and feel that someone is there to guide and join them in their professional career, and that 'human touch' is irreplaceable."
Jonathan Villegas
IT Project Consultant