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Is Smart Technology Making us Dumb?

Smart technology may make dependency on constantly using smart devices and it may potentially weaken human's cognitive skills as it just provides shortcuts and distraction. On the other hand, others believe that these are just an overstatement of the effects of high-tech consumption. What is your stance on this argument?

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"It really depends on how you see it. I personally am someone who uses technology constantly, every single day. Sometimes I feel even feel bad of my level of dependency to the smartphone. However, I'm happy with the flexibility and ability that I have to access knowledge from all over the world. Anywhere. Anytime. This is reason enough to continue relying on technology, and further develop skills on how to actually exploit and put in practice the theory/knowledge accessed via smart devices."
Jonathan Villegas
IT Project Consultant
"Smart tech does create a lot of distraction but this can be overcome by implementing tech in our life with a 'disciplined design'. As for human cognition, it is always looking for the next best thing to be occupied with, so I doubt it is making anyone dumber; also dumb is just a relative term. High-tech consumption needs to be controlled with discipline."
Austin John
Emerging Tech Innovation
"Logical thinking is not encouraged anymore because of the invent of smart tech. The thinking process is passed on to the tech by humans and hence the dependency level increases. Dumb may not be the right word for it but i would say that smart tech is making humans be less aware. We must find a balance in the usage of tech. It is rightly said that too much of anything is good for nothing."
Naresh Menon
Business Management Expert