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Our Groups

In order to plan and execute HSP’s projects in a more effective and efficient way, our organization structure gets broken down into 4 main groups: Alpha (α), Gamma (γ), Meta (μ) and Sigma (Σ).

Each of these groups operates in different domains covering a wide range of business activities that must initially be approved by the board of directors. The projects to invest in are not only to bring HSP profit, but they are also supposed to give the world tangible value.

How We Invest

Playing an active role worldwide in various industries, HSP Corporation aims to make the difference by providing ground-breaking solutions to its customers.
The way we prepare and deliver our solutions, though, is one of a kind! Since we are an investment company, we remarkably value both our money and our clients’ money that is to fund a project; therefore, it is quite reasonable to get into a market or develop a product after we have carefully assessed and evaluated different aspects of it.
This requires an enormous amount of effort and communication across our teams, thereby getting everyone on the same page and carrying the projects forward.

In 2014, for instance, Meta Group backed by its high-performing team decided to voluntarily undertake the development and implementation of an IT platform that would fit financial markets’ requirements. The corporation carefully assessed this project before investing, which is now being run by Meta Group and under the supervision of our Finance Holding (aka Financial & Investment Affairs). Other participating teams involved in this project include HR, management, marketing, technical and customers’ affairs.

Where We Invest

Here are some of our main activities and the areas where we pour money in:

Having worked in this area for almost a decade, the Entertainment Holding is currently operating in the UK, Germany, Georgia and in the Middle East.
We are also planning on extending our entertainment related projects including online gaming, live scores, predication apps, organizing events and managing clubs to other countries throughout the world.
If you are willing to invest in our projects or receive more information about them, click here.

Being part of our company's title, Investment is our passion. We analyze and mitigate investment risks to ensure a higher chance in Return On Capital (ROC) based on the crucial factors involved such as market prospect and currency value.
HSP Holdings is constantly having an eye open on BRIC region of Brazil, Russia, India, China and Nigeria, and it is also investigating the potential investment in clothing and fashion industry in these countries.

The Sports Holding has been one of the most important and fundamental elements of our entire organization in the past 10 years.
Having launched our first sports related project,, in 2009, we are currently running 13 soccer-centric projects controlled by our Meta Group.
These projects pretty much revolve around developing websites, apps, health clubs or academies, online stores, sporty hot spots, sports TV channels, and even athletic goods like energy drinks.
It is worth mentioning that many of our team members are privileged to have FIFA certificates, working as either analyst or agent.

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