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Other Projects

In addition to and, we take on other challenges. However, before we decide on the project our money must go into, we do research, consult and investigate thoroughly.
Finishing a rigorous study phase, HSP Research Team receives valuable consultation from other teams and suggests the board of directors pick the most viable and financially feasible project to invest in.

Other than our IT projects, we do also run physical businesses in real life, capitalizing on our IT capabilities as well as our infrastructure in order to help those businesses improve performance, efficiency and productivity.
IT Projects
We are currently running heaps of profitable websites, apps and affiliations, and our IT team, since we launched our business, has been geared up to design and dedicate virtual spaces to our subsidiary holdings, which basically has empowered them to present their own businesses, sell their own products, thereby making profit for the whole organization.
The Entertainment Holding, for example, which has had online presence for at least 10 years now, is one of those online projects that is not only sailing smoothly at the moment, but it is also having a bright and promising future.
Physical Projects
Apart from the online projects mentioned above, a few of our Holding Groups including Realty, Sports and Tourism run physical projects as well. These projects contain but are not limited to Metafootball Haunts (coffee shops, bars, restaurants), Metafootball Stores, Metafootball Products (energy drinks and sports gear), Metafootball Fitness Centres, and also Metafootball Club and Academy (multinational).
To get more information on our physical projects, please contact us through this Link.
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