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 Unleashing the full potential of Blockchain, Web3, and Metaverse for your business growth.

For over a decade, we have empowered ideas and given enthusiasts an opportunity to pursue their passions.

Meet HSP Holdings

HSP Holdings Incorporation is an investment and development company consisting of several Holding Groups, aimed at investing and developing either in its own start-ups or in other innovative projects introduced by people from across the world, which are backed up with brilliant and promising ideas and technical expertise. Our team of over 100 expert staff globally, including top designers, engineers, and artists, allows us to deliver projects anywhere in the world.
We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality projects quickly and efficiently. One of our most notable successes was the Ultraverse City Metaverse stage 1, which we delivered within 6 months and saw record-breaking $4m NFT land sales within 48 hours. Our main office is located in Germany, but we also have offices in the USA, Australia, and Georgia. This allows us to provide services to clients globally, and our agile team is able to work seamlessly across different countries. Our goal is to become one of the top 3 Metaverse developers in the world and top 5 blockchain developers. We have a long-term roadmap until 2030, which enables us to think about managing our projects and negotiating with potential partners with peace of mind.HSP’s power comes from the talents who share with us their expertise and experience and provide us with their valuable consultation. We have a diverse range of experience, including but not limited to Blockchain network, Coins and Token development, Crypto Wallet development, DeFi and CEX platform development, Crypto investment (lending/borrowing and staking platforms) development, NFT project with use case development, NFT marketplace, Gaming and Metaverse development. We invite you to learn more about HSP Holdings and the services we offer. We are confident that we can help you generate wealth through the use of blockchain technology and Metaverse development.

Our Groups

At HSP Holdings, we have structured our organization into four main groups: Alpha (α), Gamma (γ), Meta (μ) and Sigma (Σ). Each group operates in different domains, covering a wide range of business activities that are initially approved by our board of directors. We invest in projects not only to bring profit to HSP, but also to bring tangible value to the world.

How We Invest

As an investment company, we value both our money and our clients' money that is used to fund a project. Therefore, we carefully assess and evaluate different aspects of a market or product before investing. This requires a significant amount of effort and communication across our teams, ensuring everyone is on the same page and moving forward with the project. In 2014, for example, our Meta Group, backed by its high-performing team, decided to voluntarily undertake the development and implementation of an IT platform that would fit financial markets' requirements. The corporation carefully assessed this project before investing, which is now being run by our Meta Group and under the supervision of our Finance Holding (aka Financial & Investment Affairs). Other teams involved in this project include HR, management, marketing, technical and customer affairs.

Where We Invest
  • Entertainment
    Our Entertainment Holding has been operating in the UK, Germany, Georgia, and the Middle East for almost a decade. We are planning to extend our entertainment-related projects, including online gaming, live scores, prediction apps, event organization, and club management to other countries worldwide.
  • Investment
    As part of our company's name, Investment is our passion. We analyze and mitigate investment risks to ensure a higher chance of Return On Capital (ROC) based on crucial factors such as market prospect and currency value. HSP Holdings is constantly monitoring the BRIC region (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and Nigeria, and we are also investigating potential investments in the clothing and fashion industry in these countries.
  • Sports
    Our Sports Holding has been one of the most important and fundamental elements of our entire organization in the past 10 years. We launched our first sports-related project,, in 2009, and currently run 13 soccer-centric projects controlled by our Meta Group. These projects revolve around developing websites, apps, health clubs or academies, online stores and much more.

HSP Holding provides a high-quality team in the cryptocurrency market with a laboratory (MetaLab) to research different categories, Asset Management, and Trading Signals. 

We already offer a professional consultancy in MetaVerse (Buy, Sell and Rent) and NFT investment.


Other Projects
In addition to and, we take on other challenges. However, before we decide on the project our money must go into, we do research, consult and investigate thoroughly.
Finishing a rigorous study phase, HSP Research Team receives valuable consultation from other teams and suggests the board of directors pick the most viable and financially feasible project to invest in.
Other than our IT projects, we do also run physical businesses in real life, capitalizing on our IT capabilities as well as our infrastructure in order to help those businesses improve performance, efficiency and productivity.

IT Projects

We are currently running heaps of profitable websites, apps and affiliations, and our IT team, since we launched our business, has been geared up to design and dedicate virtual spaces to our subsidiary holdings, which basically has empowered them to present their own businesses, sell their own products, thereby making profit for the whole organization. The Entertainment Holding, for example, which has had online presence for at least 10 years now, is one of those online projects that is not only sailing smoothly at the moment, but it is also having a bright and promising future.

Physical Projects

Apart from the online projects mentioned above, a few of our Holding Groups including Realty, Sports and Tourism run physical projects as well. These projects contain but are not limited to Metafootball Haunts (coffee shops, bars, restaurants), Metafootball Stores, Metafootball Products (energy drinks and sports gear), Metafootball Fitness Centres, and also Metafootball Club and Academy (multinational). To get more information on our physical projects, please contact us through this form.

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