Trading Signals | HSP Holding provides a high-quality laboratory (MetaLab) for cryptocurrencies and forex. We work with specialists and professionals worldwide knowledgeable about technical and fundamental analysis to provide well-analyzed trading signals that will position you in the profit zone even in the bear market. Based on your package subscription, we provide you with optimum access and good credibility to our signal rooms. We erase the negativity you have experienced in your previous trades and create positive outcomes when trading with our signals. We are simply the best at what we do, and we do that professionally so that beginners won’t incur a loss in their trading.

Our History

Over the years, we have observed that many traders do not have adequate knowledge to enter into cryptocurrency and forex trading, and in the end, most of them find themselves getting rekt due to their poor analysis or inadequate risk management. We have offered help to hundreds of individual traders or investors with our exclusive and well-analyzed signals for spot trading and futures trading. We understand the differences in traders; some prefer short-term profit, while others prefer long-term gain with high certainty and are ready to HODL. We work with individual needs and deliver them accordingly.

 Our Winning Rate

Our signals have always come out good in most cases. However, due to uncertainty in the crypto and forex market, which is majorly controlled by the forces of demand and supply, whales can manipulate the market sometimes. Even with that, our previous trades show an 85.4% winning rate aggregate. It is essential for traders to set their limit orders, which will trigger their trade above our recommendation, to know when to exit a trade, when to take profit, and always avoid the fear of missing out (FOMO). We will continually do better and maintain the standard we have set.

How Signal Trading Works?

Our team tries as much as possible to ensure your capital is protected and walks you through financial freedom. Our target profit set lets you know the best time to enter a trade and the most appropriate time to exit. We are working on the best-known solution to deliver the premium signal to our subscribers. Signals will be sent to the telegram group, and the TPs expected to hit will be stated.

What Trading Signals Offer?

  • Advanced analysis

We put different tools in place, with lots of research before publishing our signals. Our specialists and experienced traders do the work for you with a thorough analysis of each coin before it is sent to traders or investors.

  • All-time support

We offer our subscribers fully dedicated support and assist them whenever they need help. You can always rely on us for unlimited support.

  • High-quality signals

Our signals are of excellent quality, which gives users who enter a trade a high chance of making a profit. We ensure both spot and margin traders smile at the end of each trade.

All the hustle of market watch, technical analysis, education, and ... are simply to know when is the right time to buy and sell.
With the premium membership, you know exactly where to buy and sell; what's more important than that?
Our team will help you to know the right spot without any headaches.
Moreover, the analyst team always emphasizes quality, not quantity; we understand that the market is constantly evolving; therefore, Our analyst team monitors the market and provides updates and insights to help you make informed decisions.
Our signals are based on extensive research and analysis, and they are prepared to give you an edge in the market.
In conclusion, if you are looking for a reliable signal channel to help you make consistent profits in the market, then our premium membership is just what you need.

With our team of experts and the latest tools, you can focus on growing your portfolio and achieving your financial goals.


How can I use signal trading service?
Our professional telegram channel offers reliable and profitable signals daily, so you can join this channel and make more money in the market.

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